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Articles: How to switch hosting company without having any downtime

You can make the process of switching your host very smooth and without any downtime if you follow following simple steps:
  1. First of all, sign up for one of our hosting plans that suits your requirements but donít cancel the hosting account with your existing company. It would be better if you donít tell them about it as they can close/suspend your hosting account and this may cause downtime and data loss.

  2. Okay, you have two hosting accounts now, one with us and another one with your old hosting provider. Now, if you have the site backup with you than upload it to our server. If you donít have files, than download it from your old hosting server. If you are a Linux user and have cPanel, than this process can be very easy. Just use cPanelís full backup option to back up your website and upload it to our servers. Generate a support ticket for the site restoration and will restore it for you for free.

  3. Once the site is uploaded/restored, check the same at the temporary link as mentioned in the welcome mail and make sure that everything is working fine. Also, donít forget to create all the required email accounts using control panel.

  4. Next step will be changing the nameservers of your domain to our serversí nameservers. Please see welcome mail for exact nameservers. You can change the nameservers by logging into your domain control panel. If you have any problems in updating the nameservers than generate a support ticket and we will help you out.

  5. You are done. Please allow a few hours (1-48 hours) for DNS propagation. After this period your site will start working from our servers and than you can cancel your hosting account with the previous company.

If you completed all the above steps than you have successfully switched hosts, with no downtime at all!


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