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Network & Datacenter

All our Windows and Linux Servers are hosted with State-of-the-Art, PacificRack Datacenter, Los Angeles, USA. Benefits of PacificRack Network & Datacenter:

Our public internet network is built to ensure maximum reach and high performance. Our goal is to establish a jitter-free, low latency, and varied route network to enhance your overall satisfaction. Engineered to provide great connectivity to North America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

PacificRack Network Benefits:

  • Currently over 50,000 Megabits capacity
  • N+1 Redundant BGP Core Routers
  • 10GE Internal Network Links
  • End to End Fiber Internal Network
  • Per Server secure VLAN topology
  • Cisco and Foundry Routing
  • Network Uptime SLA - 99.999%

Our network backbone is directly connected to or one-hop from the following providers:

  • Level(3)
  • Global Crossing
  • Savvis
  • Tiscali
  • XEEX
  • Any2Exchange Peering - 1 Wilshire

PacificRack occupies 4 datacenter zones on 4 floors in our Los Angeles datacenter building at 530 West 6th Street - "Telecom Center LA". Each of the 4 zones operate independently with full environmental management and infrastructure redundancy.

PacificRack Datacenter Benefits:

  • Staffed On-Site 24 Hours a Day
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Units (Battery)
  • Multiple Caterpillar 2000KvA Gensets
  • Automatic Power Source Switching
  • Incoming Voltage Conditioning
  • Organized Ladder Rack Wiring
  • Securely Locking Cabinets
  • Meticulously Cleaned
  • Power Uptime SLA - 100%


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